Astrology Conference 2009

Astrology Student Conference 2009 Review
Report on the Astrology Student Conference:
‘The Astrology of Relationships: Exploring the Profound and Recapturing the Magical’

Organised by the Mayo School and the London School of Astrology (LSA), 4-5 April 2009

The second Astrology Student Conference was held on a sunny weekend in London from 5-6 April 2009. As with last year’s conference, there was a rich line-up of speakers, each presenting their viewpoint and area of expertise on this year’s theme: the astrology of love and relationships.  Around 80 delegates attended the conference from all over the UK and Europe, including France, Spain, Portugal and Greece. The content of the conference was accessible to all levels of interest in the subject, and although many of the delegates were students enrolled at astrology schools, attendees also included those who study astrology privately as a hobby as well as professional astrologers.

Conference 2009Alan Oken began the day on Saturday with a talk on ‘The Moon and Personal Relationships’, which looked at how learning about what we need through our Moon placement helps us to understand our relationship choices.  This was followed by John Green, who gave a multi-media presentation on Pluto and Neptune in love relationships, and showed how strong synastry involving these planets can create a feeling of ‘This Thing is Bigger than Both of Us’, which was also the title of his talk.  Deborah Houlding presented a fascinating talk on ‘Heart-Centred Horary’ and gave us an insight into her experiences as a horary astrologer answering questions related to matters of the heart.  Alan Oken completed the first day with a talk on ‘Intimacy and Intrigue: An Astrologer Looks at Historic Loves’, including a look at the charts of Barack and Michelle Obama, and what it is between two people that forms a strong and loving bond. 

Conference 2009Speakers and delegates were invited to dine together at a local French restaurant on Saturday evening, which provided an opportunity to get to know each other better and continue discussions. This was followed by drinks at a nearby pub, where discussion continued into the night.

Lynn Bell started the second day with an inspiring talk on Eros and the timing of love relationships.  This was followed by a witty exploration of Venus and Mars in the chart by Frank Clifford, and an entertaining look by Wendy Stacey at unaspected Mars in the charts of celebrities. Next, Adrian Ross Duncan shared his personal experiences in using astrology to counsel couples, giving advice and techniques that he employs to reconnect people who are experiencing crises in relationships.

Conference 2009The conference concluded with an interesting and entertaining Question and Answer open forum and panel discussion in which the speakers and delegates participated.  Subjects discussed included the current economic crisis, the future of the British Royal Family, the implications of the current transit of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter in Aquarius and predictions for 2012.

Once again, Barry Street of the Astrology Shop provided a large and comprehensive bookstall at the conference, which was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all who attended, particularly by those who live outside London and don’t have an astrology bookshop within easy access!

Feedback received from delegates was generally excellent and included:

·  Very interesting, enjoyable, fun, thought provoking.
·  Wonderful content and great cohesion between speakers.
·  Excellent - thank you to all the organisers.
·  Thank you!  Again!  See you next year!

There were occasional glitches with the sound and with the visibility of the charts on the screens, which the organisers plan to ensure will not be a problem in the future.

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