Astrology in Action: Cycles & Dialogues

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 April 2021


ASC Conference

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An All-Star Weekend Online

Stephen ArroyoColin Bedell Faye Blake Dr Greg Bogart Dr Bernadette Brady Linda Kubota Byrd Dr Nicholas Campion Gary P Caton Wade Caves Brian Clark Frank Clifford Dr Stormie Grace Dr Karen Hamaker-Zondag  Lynda Hill Tony Howard Christian König Samuel Reynolds Alexander von Schlieffen Nadiya Shah  Wendy Stacey Kira Sutherland Richard Swatton Dr Richard Tarnas Dr Yvonne Smith Tarnas  Gisele Terry

Join us to celebrate our 14th Astrology Student Conference

Welcome to our annual conference where students and astrology buffs of all levels can enjoy a range of fascinating talks from a variety of world-class speakers.

Our two-day conference will once again be online with a star-studded line-up of 25 internationally acclaimed astrologers offering psychological, classical, evolutionary and humanistic approaches to our art.

The conference is £199 but enter a special discount code – AAJ50 – and you’ll receive the complete conference and four weeks’ access to every talk and workshop for the price of £99.

Thank you all once again for supporting our annual event – we look forward to spending time with you online.

Wendy Stacey & Frank Clifford

Join us from your own location, anywhere in the world.

Enrolment guarantees:

  • Live access to both tracks during the weekend
  • 28-day access to watch/rewatch all recordings
  • Entry to a cyber ‘coffee shop’ to mingle with other attendees during the weekend
  • Simple instructions to log in; and you’ll be emailed Zoom training slots if you’re new to online conferences

About the ASC

The London School of Astrology and The Mayo School of Astrology came together in 2008 to create a unique astrological weekend event: The Astrology Student Conference (ASC). This friendly, annual gathering brings together the very best speakers from around the world to lecture on their specialist areas. Our goal each year is to give students and practitioners of astrology – and anyone else interested in the art – a full and diverse programme of lectures and the chance to interact, network and mingle with students from various schools, the speakers and professional astrologers from our community.