2021 Speaker Biographies

Stephen Arroyo is renowned as a pioneer of modern, person-centred astrology and the recipient of numerous awards (including a Regulus Award for Theory and Understanding) for his lifelong service to our field. His eight best-selling books include the recent ‘Experiments & Experience with Astrology’ (CRCS, 2019).

Colin Bedell is a lecturer, bestselling author, a Britney Spears fan, a Parsons alumni, and queer Gemini Twin from Long Island, New York. Colin writes for Cosmopolitan.com and ‘Well+Good’ magazine listed his as one of the most influential people in the wellness industry and as a 2020 Changemaker.

Faye Blake is founder of the Amsterdam School of Astrology (www.asastrology.nl). She is a therapist and business consultant, holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, and has spoken at numerous major conferences worldwide. Her first book is ‘Vocational Astrology: Finding the Right Career Direction’ (2017). www.fayeblake.nl

Greg Bogart, Ph.D., MFT, has taught and practised astrology professionally for 40 years. Currently he lectures at Sonoma State University, where he teaches depth psychology, Jungian dreamwork, mythology, and the psychology of yoga. His books include ‘Astrology’s Higher Octaves’ and ‘Dreamwork and Self-Healing’. www.dawnmountain.com

Bernadette Brady holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology (2012), an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (2005), and a Certificate in Egyptology (2020). She is co-principal of Astro Logos Ltd and a tutor on the Study of Cosmology in Culture MA at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Linda Kubota Byrd has been a professional astrologer for 22 years. As a Certified Dream Coach, she uses Energy Psychology to dissolve blockages indicated in the chart. Linda works with ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ magazine, was a guide for Astrology Hub’s 2020 series, and is President of NCGR Sacramento.


Nicholas Campion is director of the distance-learning MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Through books – including the two-volume ‘History of Western Astrology’, ‘Mundane Astrology’, and ‘Cosmology and Astrology in the World’s Religions’ – he is one of the leading authorities on astrology.

Gary P Caton is an Hermetic practitioner integrating diverse traditions, art forms and practices gathered from his spiritual quest that spans a full Saturn cycle. Initiated as an astrologer by a magnificent dream in 1993, he’s since become an accomplished counsellor, writer, podcaster, teacher, photographer and mage. www.DreamAstrologer.com

Wade Caves is an astrological consultant and educator specialising in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. He was certified with honours from the Mayo School of Astrology and has expert knowledge of traditional and modern psychological methods of interpretation. Wade teaches for the School of Traditional Astrology. www.wadecaves.com

Brian Clark, creator of the Astro*Synthesis distance learning programme (www.astrosynthesis.com.au), has been a consulting astrologer and educator for most of his adult life. His latest book, ‘Astrological Time’, considers the ambiguities of time and how astrological techniques help us to navigate its mysteries.

Frank Clifford has built an eclectic career as a writer, editor, publisher, consultant, researcher and teacher. He has run the LSA since 2004, recently adding branches in China, Japan, Turkey and online (www.londonschoolofastrology.com). Frank won the Charles Harvey Award in 2012 and a writing award from ISAR in 2016.

Stormie Grace is an astrologer based in Colorado. She houses her own channel on YouTube that produces learning and forecasting content along with interviews. Stormie holds a Doctorate of Business, which enables her to apply those skills to business and mundane astrology as well as personal client work.

Karen Hamaker-Zondag MSc has been a practising astrologer since 1975 and has written 36 books in Dutch, some of them translated into English. She runs an Academy of Applied Astrology (at bachelor level) in Holland, and a school in Jungian psychology. Karen won the prestigious Regulus Award for Education in 1998.

Lynda Hill is a second generation astrologer living in Sydney, Australia. She has specialised in the Sabian Symbols for over thirty years and has travelled the world extensively to teach them. Her book,The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom’, is a favourite divination tool for many astrologers. www.sabiansymbols.com

Tony Howard is the founder of Astrology University. His writing has been featured in ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ and the Flare anthologies, ‘Astrology: the New Generation’ and ‘The Book of Music Horoscopes’. His book on the meanings of (and his research into) out of bounds planets will be released in 2021.

Christian König has been an astrologer for more than 35 years and is certified by the German Astrological Association (DAV). He also works with clients as a depth psychologist and trauma therapist. It is his passion to bring the holistic, starry sky – the stars, constellations and planets – back to astrology.

Samuel Reynolds, a former skeptic, had a life-changing visit to an astrologer and, 30 years later, he consults and teaches astrology full-time. He serves on a few astrology boards and has written articles for tarot.com, horoscope.com, ’Ebony’, ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ and ‘New York Magazine’. www.unlockastrology.com

Alexander von Schlieffen has been lecturing since 1996 and became a tutor for the CPA in 2001. He has authored two books, released thirteen audio books, hosted his own astrology TV show, and now has a popular podcast, Astropod. Alexander is also a painter and musician. www.schlieffen-astrologie.de

Nadiya Shah is a popular astrologer, media personality and pioneer in video astrology (French ‘Vanity Fair’ named her one of the world’s top astrologers). She is an author and one of a few to hold an MA in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination (University of Kent). www.nadiyashah.com

Wendy Stacey runs the Mayo School of Astrology and is Chair of the AA. Her books include ‘Uranus Square Pluto’ and the upcoming ‘COVID-19 through the Microscopic Lens of Astrology’, ‘Beyond 2020’ and ‘Unaspected Planets: A Curse and a Blessing’. Wendy won the Charles Harvey Award in 2014. www.wendystacey.com

Kira Sutherland is a highly experienced, award-winning naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and medical astrologer living in Australia. She divides her time between clinical practice and writing/lecturing on these subjects, and is known and loved for her vibrant, straightforward teaching style. www.astrologyofhealth.com

Richard Swatton is a psychotherapist who has been studying astrology for 40 years. He became a professional astrologer after graduating from the CPA in 1988. Richard is now on the staff of the London School of Astrology, teaching many areas of astrology, and has a YouTube channel. His book ‘The Horary Process’ is due in 2021.

Dr Richard Tarnas is a professor of Philosophy and Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and is the author of ‘The Passion of the Western Mind’, ‘Prometheus the Awakener’, and ‘Cosmos and Psyche’. He was recently awarded the Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology.

Yvonne Smith Tarnas, Ph.D., MFT, is a psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst based in San Francisco. She practises and teaches an integration of psychotherapy and astrology to clinicians and astrologers, and has presented at conferences including Synchronicity: Matter and Psyche, ISAR 2016, and the Astrological Association of GB Conference 2019.

Gisele Terry has been an astrological consultant and psychotherapist for over thirty years. Co-director of ISAR’s Consulting Skills Program and ISAR’s President (2009–2015), she is on the faculty of the Avalon School of Astrology. Gisele authored ‘The Progressed Moon Around the Zodiac: Charting Personal Development with Astrology’ (AFA, 2011).